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Tourmaline & Obsidian stones - $50 bracelet $80 necklace

We use black Tourmaline & Obsidian for it's inherent ability to absorb unhealthy energy.  Please see our description page, for further info on why we use them & to appreciate the sorting process we go through in order to bring the highest quality possible to you.

All our designs with the black stones are the same price mentioned above...  so as you look through the gallery below, feel free to let your imagination wander as we are happy to make a bracelet or necklace out of any combination you prefer.

Most designs can be put on wire with a clasp, or on stretch string...  though remember that the stretch string tends to break much quicker.

There are only so many shapes we use, including round, oval, tubes, rondelles, & some unique heart shapes, but keep in mind that all of them come in a variety of sizes!

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Please note these all have individually unique prices for each design

Please contact us for specific pricing if none are listed.

The Gold-Sheen Obsidian we use has a significantly larger amount of gold than you would typically find in most stones.  The process of buying so many more and sorting out the ones with the most gold is very lengthy & as such must be priced accordingly 

Note how the ones in the back look darker.  However, if you look at them at the same angle... they are actually as gold as the ones in the front.  It's a very dynamic stone.  They especially come alive when looked at up close in the sun.

They have a very unique ability to "Reflect" incoming dark energies.  Please see our breakdown of this outstanding ability here.