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About Healing Stones

Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian absorb dark energy

Black tourmaline as well as obsidian have been known and used for their healing propertiez since ancient timez.  More accurately, they absorb slower vibrational energiez...   darker energiez.  It's a vortex, like a "black hole" that slower vibrations gravitate into.  It's this unique function that guidez our designz in making "protection" and "healing" jewelry.  

Protection:  Because tourmaline & obsidian "absorb"...  we offer them as jewelry... to help take on the energiez that you encounter throughout the day.  They absorb slower energiez from the outside environment before they soak into you.  No stone will stop it all...  & you can actually charge "any" stone with your intent and that will be more protection than any stone on it's own...  but our thinking is that if you're going to put your intent into a stone... it may as well be one that's working for you on other levelz as well.  

Healing:  This absorbing quality works to pull slower vibrationz out of you as well.  Your body's ailments... at a fundamental level...  are nothing more than slower vibrational energiez.  Healing your body alwayz comez down to "bringing back up to speed"...  the slower vibrational aspects inside you.  Tourmaline and the dark obsidian stones will absorb slower vibrations out of your body.  Again, your intent is stronger than the stone itself.  Your mind has the ability to hold your stuff in.  Decide to let it go.  Just hold your healing stones in the spot... and let it all go.  Imagine the stone as a black hole pulling it out such as a black hole in space pulls in everything around it.  It's a nice image that works... but any method that helps your mind release it will do. 

gold-sheened obsidian

Gold - Sheen "Reflects" dark energy


We got excited about these stonez when we observed how they "repel" dark (slow) energy...  they "reflect" it and "disperse" it away from you.  Black tourmaline and other obsidian stonez "absorb"...  so this is a very unique function that these gold-sheen obsidian stonez have. They protect you from incoming energiez outside of yourself.

The "dark" sentiments of other people can be observed to enter your energy field & cause imbalance.  It is also observed how the inherent "reflective" quality of Gold Obsidian reduces the amount that you absorb.  On another level...  just the process of wearing something that helps protect you...  is an affirmation of your alignment to a pure energy inside yourself.  That empowers your intention & addz to the inherent protection of the stone itself.

The very rare "all gold" or "mostly all gold" beadz reflect the most...  while the onez with only a little gold in them also absorb...  just like any other obsidian stone would.  So you have some beadz dispersing energy while other beadz absorb what's left & lingering.  It's really a quite fascinating stone.

Both of the stonez in the picture above are the "same" gold-sheened obsidian stone.  This showz how different amounts of lighting or the angle you look at them make them change.  The pictures don't really do them justice... but  Here'z a youtube of someone with a gold-sheened stone...   that might give you a better idea...  if it's still up.  


Jewelry Care


Any jewelry wire can be damaged over time due to what it is exposed to.  If you are swimming in a pool or ocean...  it can make the wire brittle.  There are many reasons why wire will become brittle including exposure to perfumez & colognez.  Many perfumez & colognez have alcohol & other corrosive chemicalz in them.  Any chemicalz can damage the nylon coating or the wire itself.

It's good to clean your jewelry with soap & water every now & then, just to cleanse it of germs or dust that one encounterz naturally from the environment over time.  So it's a good idea to shower with it on & allowing the soap on to it, but some soaps have corrosive chemicals & perfumes as well, & that must be looked at.  

It's also a good idea to recognize the friction you're exposing your jewelry to.  Playing with your pet or kids or friends can tend to get it snagged from time to time.  (the sweet but playful cat pictured here has a confirmed kill : )  Take it on & off delicately & lay it down with care.  Don't wind it up in a small circle that puts stress on the wire.  Whenever I transport one that I'm not wearing, I wrap it up in paper towels & carefully pack it into a small box so it can't move.  Then I can just toss the box in with the rest of my luggage.  If a wire ever gets crimped with a permanent bend... it's only a matter of time before it breaks.

Bathing with it on can be challenging to any jewelry unless you focus on being gentle as you scrub up next to it.  Sleeping with it on can be very challenging if you find that you move around a lot as you sleep.  For example: a bracelet on the arm as you pull your arm out from under your loved one... or a pillow, or even just tossing & turning at night can put stress on your jewelry. 

Stretch string is so convenient...  but it just breaks a lot sooner than wire.  It's just normal & to be expected.  So if you decide to go with that convenience, then you'll just have to accept getting it restrung or learning how to do it yourself.  Personal experience wearing one almost every day & pretty much 24/7 is about a year with good care.  "Good care" means being gentle with it if you do take it on & off, & in the shower & being aware of it in bed, etc.... (or just learn how to re-string it & don't worry about it... lol)

These are a few of the main things that cause jewelry to break prematurely, and it's not that you can't do these thingz with it on...  but you may just have to have it restrung sooner than expected.  Not a big deal... but just something to be aware of.

Jewelry Care



A pure lavender oil is very good to rub into your healing & protection stonez as it is a protective resonance in itself.  Lavender oil is also very good applied directly to you!  The top of the head & over the heart are a couple of "regular" uses that can be helpful, but anywhere you feel... is good.

All healing & protection stonez will give constantly... of their natural vibration... as long as you purify them every so often.   

Because these stonez absorb the energiez that they have been subject to in their environment, it's alwayz good to purify them from time to time... allowing them to release the slower vibrational energy that they've absorbed.  The vibration of Gaia'z Grace (the earth) will do the trick every time.  Simply lay the stonez on the earth for a few dayz & nights...  and/or let clean running creek water flow over them for a few dayz.  This releases whatever energiez the stone has taken on & leavez it natural & ready for more!  Use your intuition to know when it's time...  or just every few months under casual usage.

Please note that once we make your jewelry...  we put it through a 5 day purification process.  This can be waived if you're in a hurry or just want to do it yourself.  Our jewelry has been put through time tested methods of purification and leaves our care pure and ready to serve.  

Happy Journeyz!