Welcome to Protection Stone Jewelry

Almost anything goes!! Mix & Match or pick our designs!

Please email us with any questions or orders while our site is under development.

 The important part during our site transformation is that you can see what we do.  We'll work out the rest through email.

The healing & protective nature of certain natural stones have allowed us to focus on only a few select stones.  Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian, Gold Obsidian, & Purple Amethyst.  Please click on the links here to see details on the unique characteristics of those stones.

The "Jewelry" tab at the top will take you to our catalog of designs, but as mentioned, anything goes & we can make most designs into bracelets or necklaces & we can put them on stretch string or wire with a variety of clasps we have.  Keep in mind  that stretch string breaks much sooner than wire...  while you're making your decision on which to use.

Looking forward to hearing from you!